The days where #BlackLivesMatter are slowly edging out of social view. Corporations like Condé Nast have promised to make changes to their managerial and executive roles. However, I know personally that being the only black person in the boardroom can be a dehumanizing experience.  

The standard for white corporations that have followed the traditions of white supremacy in the last 400 years is as low as posting a black block. We're experiencing a moment when problematic institutions are glorified for pointing out oppression on black bodies instead of actually doing something about it. In reality, Black voices are still considerably silenced and instead, white liberals are exalted with their perception of black experiences being the new gospel.
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“Today most white people, even the most liberal, are oblivious to the psychological and political weight of their whiteness” -Maurice Berger

— Maurice Berger

The problem with only including black people to fill a quota, is that it perpetuates the idea that our contributions are received with the same seriousness at an institutional level. Black people are incognito and it speaks to inequality, it speaks to how far we still have to go and even when we're sitting at the table, it doesn't stretch far from tokenism.
Institutional inclusion and bare minimum diversity is useless if we don’t have the same economic opportunities and social capital. 

Black people can not separate themselves from being black, but corporations like Nike, can one day decide that blackness and so-called "diversity" isn't profitable.

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