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A lack of academic seriousness in conversations about intersectional feminism in the mainstream media, makes a platform like Afro Atlantic Post, a necessity. Between #BlackLivesMatter and the #MeToo movement, there is us black women, with all our intersections, struggling against racism in a white supremacist society and against misogyny in our community.

This publication is our response to the genuine intersectional violence on our bodies, the provocation of our identities but more important, the transnational solidarity we must forge.

The most general statement of our politics at the present time would be that we are actively committed to struggling against racial, sexual, heterosexual, and class oppression, and see as our particular task the development of integrated analysis and practice based upon the fact that the major systems of oppression are interlocking.

The Combahee River Collective Statement

We are a collective of Black feminists. We are leaders in our fields, taking up spaces that we have been pushed out of since our great grandmothers took to the streets, to the pen and to ideological framework to fight for our existence.  

This is a transnational garden for our sisters and children. With fruits of freedom, justice, thought-provocation and ingenuity.

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